A lab-tested formula designed to get you recognized as an expert

Our process is built around getting to know you, your area of expertise and your ideal clients.

Design process and strategy








C - L - I - E - N - T - S

The C - L - I - E - N - T - S framework is a system designed to attract your ideal clients. Explore the C - L - I - E - N - T - S menu on the right to learn more about the foundations that we use to develop your online presence.

Customer profiles

Through understanding your clients and industry we design an online presence aligned with their values, needs, and styling.

Leverage your uniqueness

Your unique personality is a key component of your business. Our designs represent you as a genuine personality and expert. Potential clients will leave your site feeling like they know you - it's like a virtual handshake that creates trust.

Industry match making

All design decisions factor in your client's industry trends. By studying their visual trends and matching you with them we create alignment, presenting you as an obvious and understanding partner.


Defining your unique point of difference is essential today.  Your Xador Labs site is a single-minded machine designed to promote you as a trusted expert and industry authority.


Define your niche. We study your industry and clients to produce a cohesive design that supports and amplifies your message and convinces your audience.


We want to hear all about your dreams and help you get there. The more outlandish and impossible the better. Without a dream, you have nothing to aim for.


Personal style is a powerful element of your business. Be prepared to be the star of the show. Through blending your unique style and industry trends you will be seen as a clear fit for the clients you choose to attract.

Production process

Getting to know you

First, we’ll have a chat to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

We’ll talk about your goals, your area of expertise, who you want to attract, site functionality, and the project's creative direction.

After this, you’ll receive a quote for the project, including any hosting or additional third-party services needed to achieve your end goal

Exploration strategy

Once the quote and scope is approved, we’ll invoice you for 50% deposit to book your project on the calendar.

We’ll begin an exploration phase to understand your goals, preferred clients, your area of expertise, niche, and personal style. This is done via a questionnaire, or we can arrange a video call.

This is the most important phase of the project. It creates a foundation for all the decisions we make in regards to creative direction. Lots of great ideas come out of this process as we both start to understand and define your project.


From the initial discussion and the strategy findings, we’ll create a reverse brief. This is an overview of deliverables, functionality, a sitemap, and creative direction.

The reverse brief also addresses the initial scope of work. The Exploration Strategy often gets creative juices flowing like crazy, and what you thought you initially needed may have evolved by this point. You might decide you need additional work that is outside the original quote.

We’ll discuss any resources you need to provide, e.g. professional photography or styling elements which will feature in the site.

& design

We’re certain you’ll love your XadorLabs site, but it's important that we put our own personal likes and dislikes aside. Instead, design needs to be seen from a more logical perspective by asking "is this appealing to our intended audience?".

If your project requires branding, this is completed first. We don't do a “grand reveal”. We check in with you using mood boards and draft visuals to make sure we’re on the right track. Flat designs will be produced for your approval before the build phase.


This is where we bring your design concept to life online.


Test, test, test. You’re welcome to get involved with this phase! You’ll receive a link to the test server so you can explore your new site when it’s close to completion.

Go live

We’ll invoice you for the final 50% of the project, and you’re ready to... Launch!