Alpha Testing Famous Studio
Alpha Testing Famous Studio
I have been lucky to be part of the alpha testing team for Famous Studio for the past few weeks.

What is it? In their own words, “Famous allows designers to import their designs & turn them into live interactive experiences very, very quickly”. Doe’s it do this? Yes! Is there anything else like it? No!

You can import a design from Sketch, XD or any media into it and deploy a live site or app for multiple devices seamlessly using QR codes to preview & share progress. This makes testing on mutliple devices and screen sizes almost enjoyable, just point the devices camera at the QR code and its instantly available for testing!

You can design with complete freedom to create original layouts. Rigging slick animations and interactivity is a walk in the park, what would take days to program & test can be achieved in record time. Mobile, Desktop and Tablet designs are fully customizable. In fact they can be totally different designs/experiences for different purposes.

Like all things you need to pick the right tool for the right job. For instance Famous wouldn’t be great for large ecommerce stores or content heavy CMS sites.

What Famous is great for is creating engaging rich media sites, mini sites, marketing campaigns, landing pages, portfolio style sites, brochure-ware, presentations & ebooks. For fast deployment of slick interfaces & beautiful designs Famous Studio will be my new go to tool of choice.