It's not all lab coats and pocket protectors


It's not all lab coats and pocket protectors


I'm David

I started designing for the internet back in the dark ages of 1998. If you don’t remember those times, let’s just say it was visually disappointing.

Epilepsy-inducing backgrounds and animated .gifs were trending. The internet didn’t seem like something that would catch on commercially.

To help make the online world more sane, I designed my first website -- a humorous fake news site -- in Notepad. In retrospect, that didn't seem sane either, but it was the launchpad for my design career.

I’ve solved problems and designed solutions for hundreds of high-profile brands and agencies. Companies as diverse as Vodafone, Holden, SKY TV, Friskies Cat Food, Playstation, Merck Sharp & Dohme, DDB, TBWA, Ogilvy & Colenso to name a few.

I love to teach what I know, so I spent a couple of years as a lecturer at the Digital Media Design School in Auckland. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with the students, and I learned more about my craft through needing to rationalize how to design and build projects that delivered results for clients.

After this, I took a creative director position at an agency. We worked on a wide and varied range of accounts such as American Express, Freedom Air, AMI Insurance, and Southern Cross Health Care.

As exciting as this A-list designer lifestyle was, I'd always wanted to step out on my own. When the opportunity to take a contract with Hyundai came my way, it seemed like the perfect time to go solo.

And thus,
XadorLABS was born.

Today, XadorLABS is focused on helping businesses who need a polished, agency-style brand. Working with clients to produce a creative online presence that showcases them as an expert is what we’re all about.

Through niching down, targeting your ideal clients, and finding what's unique about you, we tailor a design solution that engages customers and drives sales for your business.

With a focus on conversion design, the heavy lifting is done before your ideal customers even contact you.


Flamenco guitar

Designer by day, Flamenco guitarist by night! I spent 5 years in Spain studying guitar. My spare time is spent practicing!


This is Rodriguez. He has many fine features. Boogly eyes, corn chip ears, curly wurley tail, and the finest mushroom nose.


I have no natural aptitude in the art of BMX. Still, it's a wonderful photo of the Coromandel in the background.


My partner Rachael and I rented a 4X4 with a tent on the roof and drove deep into the Serengeti to take a picture of this Rock Hyrax.

Make a bold statement.
Be recognized as an expert.

Present yourself as a memorable authority in your industry.

Hi, im David. Having spent many years in agencies designing solutions for massive corporations I know benefits and rewards that come from effective presentation. Today it is more important than ever to visually align yourself with the type of companies you want to attract. You may have already spent hours cobbling together your own solution or partnering with lesser Theres no shoewhoring you into a templated solution at Xadorlabs, everything is created bespoke, just like the unique solutions you provide. It takes a bit longer costs more that will soon be appreciated once your sales increase and people start coming to you!
If you'd like to talk furthur about how we can help you reach your goals then lets talk.